Ayre Acoustics

Ayre Acoustics products are manufactured in Boulder, Colorado.

Ayre AX-5 Integrated Amplifier

Ayre Acoustic AX-5


Each component In the Ayre Acoustics line is carefully hand-assembled on-site by a dedicated technician, using only state-of-the-art materials and assembly techniques. Ayre Acoustics quality control is assured by a rigorous testing procedure, as well as a thorough inspection process. Ayre Acoustics service and support is unsurpassed. Ayre Acoustics maintains an environmentally responsible manufacturing processes including the careful selection of equally conscientious American suppliers. Enter the world of Ayre Acoustics enter a new dimension of musical meaning and cinematic enjoyment.

Reviews: Recent reviews of Ayre Acoustics products

…I was unprepared for just how much it delighted me. Ayre C-5xe universal disc player

–Wes Phillips, Stereophile

…but for the resolutely two-channel audiophile, the C-5xe represents one of the most seductive choices available today. Ayre Apparent ?

–Paul Miller, Hi Fi News

Ayre has clearly established a high water mark for multi-format players with the C-5xe. Ayre C-5xe U2 Multi-Format Disc Player

–Shane Buettner