Adcom GFT-555 AM/FM Tuner PRE-OWNED


Adcom GFT-555 AM/FM Tuner PRE-OWNED

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Adcom GFT-555 AM/FM Tuner PRE-OWNED

Unlike all other components, a tuner’s performance depends to a great extent on where it happens to be installed – that is, with respect to the nearest FM stations.
If you live in a close-in suburban area where a station’s signal strength is reasonable and where there are few tall buildings, almost any tuner may do an adequate job. But in a major metropolitan area with tali buildings and many strong stations crowding the FM dial, your tuner must contend with such problems as multipath distortion and front-end overload. And it should have the ability
to separate stations contending for limited dial space.
In rural areas where stations are distant and weak, and where signals sometimes arrive at an adjacent or same broadcast frequency from different directions,
a tuner requires high sensitivity for adequate signal boost and good capture ratios and selectivity to keep stations from interfering with each other.


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