Audible Illusions M-175 Mono Amplifier

Audible Illusions M-175 Mono Amplifier


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Audible Illusions M-175 Mono Amplifier

“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”. Audible Illusions has always been careful about releasing new products; making sure that they are reliable, aesthetically pleasing with excellent sonic quality. Unlike other audio manufacturers, who come out with products every few months, we take our time in designing the finest audio components. We scrutinize every detail of construction and performance until we’re convinced that the product is ready for discerning listeners.

Based upon the years in developing our Class A M150 Amplifier, the new M175 Monobloc shares the same basic circuit design and componentry. The main difference is in the biasing of the output transistors. While the Class A M150’s outputs are biased “fully-on”, the M175’s outputs are biased to 100 watts pure Class A and Class AB1 above 100 watts. This “high-bias/quiescent current” setting still allows maximum linearity into the most demanding speaker loads. Also, above 100 watts, the outputs are biased in such a way as not to be completely shut-off thus minimizing the possibility of unwanted distortions. Another benefit to this biasing technique is the financial savings in electricity.

Careful examination of the M175 amplifier indicates that this amplifier is designed to be placed close to the speaker. The benefits of such placement are obvious. Long speaker cables, with unnecessary cable capacitance is avoided and the amplifiers high-power transformers cannot interfere with the sensitive low-level preamplifiers circuit and other line-level components. There is an additional benefit in having the power amplifier on a separate AC circuit.

The M175 features a dual toroid 1000 watt/1kva power supply. Sixteen 250 watt/25A Bipolar output transistors guarantees the amplifiers stability by delivering sufficient current and voltage to any speaker load. Heavy copper busbars connect the large power supply capacitors and short lengths of OFC wiring connect the heavy-plated circuit boards. Only the highest quality resistors and capacitors are used and only after extensive bench testing and listening.

Like other Audible Illusions products, the M175 conveys the very essence of music. The amplifier has superb dynamic headroom and total control. Yet with all its power, the M175 is capable of revealing the utmost delicacy and subtle nuances in music.


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Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 20.25 x 14 in


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