Audio Research LS1 PRE-OWNED SOLD

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Audio Research LS1 PRE-OWNED 

This Audio Research LS1 is in good working condition, and comes with its original documentation and packaging. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Audio Research LS1 Line Stage Amplifier is designed to accommodate music lovers who exclusively use line-level input sources — digital or analog — for the reproduction and enjoyment of music in their home audio systems.

In technology, the LS1 draws heavily upon the proven hybrid circuitry used in Audio Research preamplifiers. A single 6DJ8 dual triode vacuum tube is used to provide most of the 20dB overall gain, while associated FET devices provide initial gain at input, and current gain following the vacuum tube. Power supply design is virtually identical to the SP9 pre-amplifier, giving the LS1 a lifelike sense of ease and dynamic expression.

The front panel of the LS1 offers a useful range of controls and switching functions without extraneous “bells and whistles.” Included are Gain, Balance, Mode, and Input Selectors. Muting is automatic at turn-on and in brown-out conditions, as well as manually switch-able. In addition, the LS1 includes an important new signal route called Direct Gain Path. This set of inputs offers the user a high-purity signal path for audiophile-quality program sources (CD players, DAC processors, etc.) — a route which bypasses all controls and switching functions except for Gain. The Direct Gain Path is selectable from a front panel toggle switch, while other inputs are chosen through the Input Selector.

Also included on the LS1 are two sets of main outputs for use with bi-wired systems, surround-sound or others signal processors.

In design and manufacture, the LS1 exhibits legendary Audio Research quality throughout. While it is inherently a simpler product that our traditional-format preamplifiers, the LS1 is in no way compromised — sonic performance and reliability will prove second-to-none as you enjoy the LS1.


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