Audio Research LS27 PRE-OWNED

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Audio Research LS27 PRE-OWNED

This LS27 is in great condition, and comes with its original box, manual, and remote control. For more information, please contact us.

The LS27 not only offers remarkable resolution, musicality and dynamic impact, it is Audio Research’s most flexible line-stage and able to adapt to most any situation. In terms of control options, the LS27 has selectable High/Medium/Low gain settings for each input, BAL/SE input selection, Left/Right Balance control, Invert (phase), and Stereo/Mono selection. Tube hours can be monitored, there is a Processor pass-through for home theater applications, and the display is dimmable with the option of being turned off. All of the inputs and outputs have balanced XLR and single-ended RCA connectors, including six pairs of discrete inputs, a processor (unity gain) input, a monitor loop, and two sets of main outputs. A new microprocessor controls all functions. The rear panel also includes a 12V trigger and a 15A IEC connector.

The LS27 is a pure Class-A design with zero feedback, and the massive power supply is fully regulated. Gain is provided by twin 6H30 triodes. Multiple circuit changes and refinements account for greatly improved performance, including bulk power supply storage that has been substantially increased, a new power transformer, and costly new output and bypass coupling capacitors that bring new dynamic life and even more refinement to the presentation.

The LS27 sounds very much like a Reference 5 on a slightly smaller scale, with an organic, lifelike musicality. Like its big brother, the LS27 combines great resolving power with a tonal richness, purity and naturalness that is immediately involving. The grain structure is superfine and electronic artifacts have been banished. Bass impact and control are also superb, and we believe that the LS27 surpasses the performance of the Reference 3 in virtually every way, making it a stunning value.

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