Audio Research REF CD8 PRE-OWNED

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Audio Research REF CD8 PRE-OWNED

This pre-owned CD8 comes from a good, clean, nonsmoking home. It comes in excellent condition, with all original packing material, remote, manual, etc. For more information, please contact us at (973) 239-1799.

A look inside the CD8 reveals a wealth of proven Audio Research design philosophy. Circuit boards are Audio Research engineered, with robust construction, careful hand soldering and layouts optimized for lowest digital noise. Sophisticated electronic “jitter stripping” techniques help minimize jitter in the overall circuit. Advanced massive power supply design, with two transformers and extensive regulation, has proved crucial even in digital applications like the CD8. The BNC and XLR digital outputs are transformer coupled and are driven by a high-current balanced line driver. Mechanical damping theory has also been applied to internal mounting of key components and to critical aspects of the transport and chassis structures (including tuned polymer feet), to minimize vibration- induced noise.

Both the analog output stage amplification and the power supply regulation are all-tube and handled by a total of five class A triode operation 6H30 vacuum tubes (four for the analog stage and one in the power supply), and one 6550C regulator vacuum tube.

A 24 bit digital-to-analog converter and a high-current pure class A analog output stage allow the CD8 to be used with a line-level preamplifier or integrated amplifier. Both single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) outputs are included. Alternatively, the owner may use the CD8 as a high-quality CD transport in conjunction with an external digital processor.

The CD drive mechanism itself represents the latest thinking from digital engineers, and offers performance clearly superior to older drives. In part, this is because even the servos of the CD8 drive operate fully in the digital domain, whereas older transport models were actually hybrid designs using analog servos, which placed greater demands on power supply reserves. The CD8 laser also has a superior eye pattern for more effective resolution of CD data and, again, lower jitter.

In appearance, the CD8 is pure Audio Research: heavy bevelled front panel, with handles flanking the controls on the right and the readout display on the left. Both controls and display readout are recessed within bevelled openings for a more sculptured appearance. A convenient handheld remote control of all front-panel functions and additional functions is also included.


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