Audio Research SP20 DEMO


Audio Research SP20 DEMO

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Audio Research SP20 DEMO

This SP20 Demo is our very own demo unit, that has been well taken care of. In excellent working condition. For more information, please call (973) 239-1799.

The SP20 is a full- function line stage which incorporates a phono preamplifier and a 1⁄4” headphone jack. Front panel controls have been minimized to two rotary controls and an interactive touch screen display, along with power, mute and output selector buttons.

The SP20 is fully balanced, pure Class-A with zero feedback. There are seven levels of voltage regulation, a large power supply, and a very low-noise R-core power transformer. Both the line and phono stages feature low-noise JFET inputs and 6H30 (2 per section) outputs. The latest high performance coupling and bypass capacitors are used in both stages. Both the line stage and phono-preamplifier have extraordinary frequency response and low noise. The phono section provides 58dB of gain, so the SP20 can be used with a wide variety of phono cartridges, including moderately low output moving coils.

The interactive touchscreen has been designed to take full advantage of the feature set the SP20 offers, and operation is intuitive and easy-to-use. Numerous adjustments allows customization of the performance and display of the SP20 for seamless system integration, including input naming and gain settings, volume presets, and tube hours.

The headphone output is no mere afterthought; it is a low-distortion, high-performance vacuum-tube headphone amplifier designed to comfortably drive a wide impedance range of headphones. The button next to the headphone jack switches on the main (amplfier) outputs for headphone listening, or it switches off the headphone jack for speaker listening.


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