AudioQuest Castle Rock 8ft Pair PRE-OWNED


AudioQuest Castle Rock 8ft Pair PRE-OWNED

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AudioQuest Castle Rock 8ft Pair PRE-OWNED

This pre-owend pair of AudioQuest Castle Rock is in good condition. It is an 8ft full range stereo pair. Originally purchased from us. No box included. For more information, please contact us at (973) 239-1799.

Castle Rock is designed as an extremely high-performance cable which provides true Double-BiWire performance in a single attractive cable. Original Gibraltar’s all important basics – superior geometry, magnetic autonomy of each quad-conductor section, Perfect-Surface metal technology, conductor-size optimization (AQ’s Spread-Spectrum Technology), etc. – are the fundamentals of Castle Rock. Castle Rock employs AQ’s best copper conductor metal (Perfect-Surface Copper+), AudioQuest’s DBS (Dielectric-Bias System) and NDS (Noise-Dissipation System).

A very recent advancement featured in Castle Rock (and all other Tree and Rock Series speaker cables) is the addition of the sleek new “Hanging-Silver” 1000 Series Multi-Spades and Bananas. Originally developed for the WEL Signature Series speaker cables, these plugs are made using a “hanging silver over pure red-copper” process in which the spades and bananas are submerged (“hung”) into a vat of extreme-purity silver, resulting in a very thick direct-silver plate. No intermediary performance-degrading materials (such as nickel or alloy) are used.



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