Basis AJ Conti Transcendence

Basis AJ Conti Transcendence

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Basis AJ Conti Transcendence

The AJ Conti Transcendence Turntable represents the finest turntable Basis Audio has offered to date. Beyond the absolute state of the art performance the AJ Conti Transcendence Turntable offers total flexibility in terms of use with different tonearms, tonearms of unusual length, the ability to use any tonearm of any weight, different motor types, different platter types and weights, as well as any updates Basis might offer in the future. The music lover who is fortunate enough to own this turntable will always be able to fit any improvement that Basis Audio might offer in the future without sending the turntable to the factory. Any upgrade would be a field, “drop in” upgrade.

The AJ Conti Transcendence is a fully isolated turntable, offering the advantages of immunity to outside noise, floor vibration, and other feedback inducing energy that would greatly degrade the sound of other turntables. This turntable will deliver the same state of the art sound in any installation circumstance.


Wow and flutter: .01%.

We have measured Wow and Flutter of nearly every belt drive and direct drive turntable on the market. Nothing meets the .01% that almost all manufacturers specify. The best speed stability of any turntable other than Basis turntable is .025%, very fine performance, but this is 150% worse than the incredible speed stability of the AJ Conti Transcendence.

Speed drift: .012%.

Again, the best measured ever for this spec.

Rumble: -90db, the limit of the test equipment!

Isolation at 60 hertz: 50 db.

Isolation at 1000 hertz: 72 db. This is an industry leading number.

Total weight: 220 pounds including vac pump, vac controller, Synchro-Wave power supply.

Weight of turntable assembly only: 185 pounds excluding Synchro-Wave and vac components: 185 pounds.

Dimensions, L x W x H, inches: 21.575″ x 16.125″ x 11″ to the top of the tonearm.

Height to the top of the tonearm wire loop: 14″.


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