Bowers & Wilkins P7

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Bowers & Wilkins P7

Every element of the P7 has been designed to raise the bar for portable hi-fi- sound. The very best components, finest materials and impeccable build quality together offer uncompromising performance and luxurious comfort. The most important element of P7’s performance is its new driver – designed less like traditional headphones, more like a hi-fi speaker. The result is performance with a wonderful sense of space, balance and clarity across the frequency range, and greater precision than ever.

The P7 driver diaphragm borrows from Bowers & Wilkins traditional speaker design. The result is more precise, controlled movement, and a giant leap forward in headphone sound quality. The leather pads keep a consistent volume of air around drive units, enhancing stereo imagine. They also deliver a more comfortable fit and block outside noise for truly immersive audio. Uncompromising quality is found in every engineering detail. Unique vented speaker baskets control airflow precisely, while innovative damping materials and baffles cut resonance, reflection and distortion. The results are breathtaking.

P7 ear pads are held in place with magnets. So you can easily detach them to change the cable, or replace them if they get damaged. Why replace your favorite headphones if all you need is a new cable? Solid metal hinges above the ear cups create a foldable form factor. Stored safely in its quilted case, P7 is surprisingly portable. P7 is crafted from the finest materials, including aluminum and sheepskin leather, not just for performance but also luxury and durability. P7 ear pads will remain comfortable for the longest of listening sessions.


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