Cary SLA-70

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Cary SLA-70

The Cary Audio Design SLA-70 is a compact 35 watt per channel vacuum tube stereo audio power amplifier. The SLA-70 is constructed to the highest commercial standards utilizing a grain oriented stainless steel, nickel chrome plated chassis. All resistors are 1% metal-film and the audio coupling capacitors are made of polypropylene. Each SLA-70 amplifier is hand wired point to point. The high voltage DC power supply contains two 1100 MFD electrolytic capacitors for a total of 2200 MFD. The SLA uses a pair of EL-34 (6550’s for an upgrade to 40+ watts) output tubes per channel driven by the famous 6SL7GT dual triode input tube. The SLA utilizes two 5AR4/GZ34 tubes in the full wave rectifier power supply. This brings the total to: 4-EL-45’s (6550’s), 2-6SL7GT’s and 2-5AR4/GZ34’s vacuum tubes to power your new SLA-70. Every SLA-70 amplifier is tested at its specified power input and output levels and should require a minimum of maintenance through years of operations. All SLA-70’s are burned in at the factory for a 48 hour period. This burn-in period will assure you of a trouble-free amplifier.

The most exciting feature of the SLA-70, aside from how gorgeous it looks, is the delightful, sensual beauty of the music if recreates. The first thing that strikes you about your new SLA-70 is its incredible transparency and resolution of detail in the music. The SLA’s sensual nature is best revealed in the sense of life it displays in female vocalists. This amp presents music with such presence and directness, you’ll be drawn into the music hour after musically satisfying hour. This is the result of circuit techniques, which eliminate any discernible cross-over notch at low levels, and also contributes to the freedom from listening fatigue. The SLA-70 will draw you in even further as you realize how lucid and utterly uncolored neutrality reveals delicate nuances in the sound stage.



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