Magnepan MMG

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Magnepan MMG

*Price shown is for the pair*

We’ll tell you right up front—you might get “hooked”. The MMG is the marketing equivalent of those tasty little morsels handed out in high-end grocery stores. The MMG are truly a surprise given the size and form factor involved.

Most consumers do their research on the internet. That’s probably how you found us. Or from one of our thousands of happy customers. The MMG, 60-day, money-back guarantee “appetizer” concept has proven more successful than any other marketing idea. Only a very small percentage of customers return their MMG models because they didn’t like them. And most eventually move up to our better models. So, warning is fair, you might get “hooked”.

The floor-standing MMG at $599 has introduced thousands of audiophiles to the unique sound of ribbon speakers since 1995. Later, when customers want to add home theater, the MMG C (center) and the MMG W (on-wall) are the speakers of choice at $295 and $325 pair, respectively.


Frequency Reponse: +/- 3 dB, 50Hz to 26 kHz

Sensitivity: 86 dB, 2.83 V, 500 Hz @ 1 m

Recommended Power: 40 W to 150 W @ 8 Ohms

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Dimension: 14.5″ x 48″ x 1.25″

Official Magnepan MMG Product Manual

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Weight 40 lbs


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