ProAc Tablette 10 Speakers


ProAc Tablette 10 Speakers

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ProAc Tablette 10 Speakers

The original ProAc Tablette was launched 30 years ago to instant critical acclaim and redefined performance in mini-monitor class loudspeakers at that time. There have been 9 incarnations of the Tablette to date and each one has seen improvements in bass extension, midrange transparency and imaging.

The new ProAc Tablette 10 is a tenth generation of the Tablettes launched in 1979. The Tablette 10 is an all new design, using a thin walled heavy damped infinite baffle enclosure which is the same as the BBC LS3/5a. This design allows the Tablette 10 to be positioned against the wall, unlike a ported enclosure (not recommended).

The new Tablette 10 has cutting new drive units, the bass driver has a Paginna Mika cone which is reed leaves mixed with Mika and coated with an acoustic dope.

The crossover has been specially designed for sealed enclosure with a network which shapes the response to give a rich bass and an extremely transparant midrange. The tweeter is our well known 1″ silk dome used in many of ProAc’s other models.

During the design several speakers were used as comparison those being the LS3/5a, ProAc D2, Spender BC1 and Quad Esl57.

We urge peope to listen and compare with other makes and models as we are sure you will find the music intoxicating. 


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