Vandersteen 2Wq Subwoofer

Vandersteen 2Wq Subwoofer

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Vandersteen 2Wq Subwoofer

The 2Wq is the first subwoofer to feature adjustable Q.A bass contour control on the rear panel allows you to set the system Q anywhere from .5 (Slightly overdamped, i.e.., tight jazz sound) to 1.2 (Significantly underdamped, i.e., typical mass-market home theater sound). Somewhere in this wide range, you will find the perfect sonic complement for your room and taste.

In Subwoofer engineering terms, system Q is the product of a complex mathematical equation derived from driver, electrical and enclosure parameters. In practical terms, it relates to the character of the bass response. A low Q subwoofer sounds highly damped and very tight. A high Q subwoofer produces a warm loose bass with more energy in the most audible bass range. The trick has always been to try to find the subwoofer with the Q that best matched your listening room and personal tastes.

Conventional powered subwoofers receive their input signal directly from their crossover before the main amplifier. The sonic signature of the main amplifier that is an important part of the sound you hear from the full-range speakers is missing from the subwoofer.

The output level of the 2Wq can be adjusted to match speakers with an efficiency rating of between 82dB and 100dB. Wires and banana plugs to connect the output of your full-range amplifier to the input of the 2Wq are included with each subwoofer.


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