Vandersteen Model Seven MK II

Vandersteen Model Seven MK II

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Vandersteen Model Seven Mk II

The Model Seven Mk II is the newest Vandersteen flagship! The chief improvement in the Model Seven Mk II was achieved by mechanically altering the “acoustic lens” that surrounds midrange and tweeter, aligning the acoustic centers of those drivers just enough to substantially decrease the amount of hand tuning required for the compensation network. The result is even more natural, open sound for a soundstage that is palpably taller, wider and more “3D” in its image focus and specificity. Additional improvements were realized by weaving the voice-coil leads directly into the spiders of the push-pull subwoofer cones in the powered subwoofer, strengthening the conneciton between the Model Seven MK II’s integral power amplifier and subwoofer, allowing increased linear excursion for even greater bass authority in the subterranean (100Hz and below)

Although the crucial aspects of the Model Seven’s ultra-rigid carbon-fiber “cabinet within a cabinet” construction remain familiar with the Mk II, the tighter physical integration of the tweeter/ midrange interface creates a more elegant appearance with the grill cloth on, and a look we are pleased to note also increases the visual similarity between Vandersteen’s flagship speaker and the liquid-cooled M7-HPA amplifier.

The Model Seven Mk II employs Vandersteen’s most powerful and refined powered-bass system. Each speaker incorporates a 400- watt amplifier with a dual-motor, push-pull subwoofer comprised of two 12” curvilinear aluminum cones sandwiched together and 11-band room EQ. A passive, first-order (6dB/octave) high-pass filter allows the main amplifier to perform its best, unburdened of reproducing deep bass. Passive speaker designs always require placement compromises between the areas in the room where the imaging is best (farther out in the room) and where the bass is best (closer to the walls for boundary reinforcement). The Model Seven Mk II can be placed out in the room where it images best, while the 11-band EQ ensures “unbeatable” in-room powered- bass performance. 

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