Cary Cinema 11v HD Video Processor
Cary Cinema 11v HD Video Processor

Cary Cinema 11v HD Video Processor


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Product Description

Cary Cinema 11v HD Video Processor

The Cinema 11v is a high-performance stand alone video processor, switcher, and scaler. Using the latest Faroudja® DCDi video technology, the Cinema 11v includes advanced pixel to pixel motion adaptive de-interlacing and True Life Video Enhancer among its many Advanced Color Management features. The Cinema 11v can convert any video input to any video output. It can also scale any video input to as high as WUXGA 120 Hz 1080p video output. The Cinema 11v has HDMI 1.3 inputs (6) and outputs (2). Although sophisticated in its technology, the Cinema 11v contains simple-to-use menus for easy set-up. With its state-of-the art features, high performance, and ease of use, the Cinema 11v is a natural choice in the most demanding home cinemas.

Integrated 3D Video Decoder Faroudja IntelliComb Technology
Two – 3D Adaptive Comb Filters for
Luma-Chroma separation
Supports Composite, S-Video and Component (including high definition)
video input signals
Supports all broadcast TV standards – NTSC/PAL/SECAM worldwide
Faroudja DCDi Cinema Format Conversion Low Angle De-Interlacing processing
Per Pixel Motion Adaptive de-Interlacing (MADi) up to 1080i format
Format conversion up to WUXGA resolution
Panoramic and Anamorphic non-linear scaling
Adaptive Media Display Processing for 3:2 and 2:2 video content
Special 3:3 and 2:2 film mode for improved film processing
Adaptive 3D/TNR Noise Reduction
Faroudja True Life Video Enhancer High performance sharpening filters with Noise Coring
Non-linear Chroma and Luma enhancement
Removal of DVD Chroma Upsampling Error (CUE) introduced by some DVD sources
Advanced Color Management (ACM-3D) ACM-3D allows flexible flesh-tone compensation, blue stretch and other image enhancements
ACM-3D ensures full dynamic range is used in video content
Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Video PIP over video background
Side by side (PBP) window support
DCDi Edge
Output Formats,
Other Features
1080p @ 120 Hz WUXGA output
Video resolution settings: 480p, 540p, 576p, 720p – 50, 720p – 60, 1080i – 50, 1080i – 60, 1080p – 24, 1080p – 25, 1080p – 50, 1080p – 60, 1080p – 120, 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 848 x 480, 852 x 480, 856 x 480, 960 x 540, 1024 x 576, 1024 x 1024 ALiS, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1360 x 768, 1366 x 768, 1368 x 768, 1400 x 768, 1400 x 1050, 1440 x 864, 1440 x 960, 1440 x 1152, 1920 x 1080, 1920 x 1200
Integrated I2S Audio Delay to exact audio and video synchronization
HDMI 1.3 generation inputs (6) and outputs (2)
RGB video output
Component video output
Five assignable audio inputs, one analog,
two Toslink, two coaxial digital
Two digital audio outputs, one coaxial,
one Toslink Cary Digi-link system connector for combination with the Cinema 11 Surround Sound Processor
Dual RS 232 ports for system control and update capabilities
Rear panel IR input and output plus dual 12 volt remote triggers
Eight each assignable S-Video and Composite video inputs (17 video inputs total)
Removable AC power cord
Power Consumption 25 watts
Weight 25 lbs.
Dimensions 17.7″ W x 4.5″ H x 16.5″ D

Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 5 x 18 in


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