Audio Connection Customer Testimonials

Hi John. I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the sound of the amp I bought from you. Compared with my old Krell KSA 150, it is much more liquid, transparent, and natural sounding. This is the first time I have experienced tube amplification and to hear music without the transistor glaze and grain is a revelation. Dealers in my area don’t stock this level of equipment and are not prepared to demo what they do have to full advantage. Dealing with you was hassle free and just as satisfying. Once this is paid for I will be looking for a CD player

John Peters

I recently purchased a stack o’ gear (CAD 211 amps, PH 302, SLP 05 and CD 306 SACD) through Audio Connection. You’ve probably heard it before but – holy smokes….my setup makes music like never before. I had the SLP 05 and PH 302 home for audition so I had a pretty good idea what to expect from them when I got my pieces./ //But those amps!/ They are simply awesome: the most musical sounding amps I have ever owned. I was ready to pull the switch on a pair of V12R amps but my Mom used to say, “You need it now”. So I went for the 211s, although I was a little concerned they wouldn’t have the balls of the V12R….well, in retrospect that is laughable! They are just amazing. My wife and I are having A BLAST listening to music. All the same stuff, mind, but it’s like we never heard it before, especially the vinyl through the PH 302. As a result I don’t think I’ve got my 306 SACD fully broken in yet but it already sounds good. And the fit and finish on everything is top notch. I could be richer, but I don’t think I could be happier with the way my stereo sounds. No surprise to anyone because you hear about “system synergy” and I’ve really got it in spades. I am REALLY ENJOYING my purchase, but especially THOSE AMPLIFIERS. Incredible!!

John Connolly

Just wanted to let you know how I made out with the Vandersteen 2Wq’s that I bought on Friday. I hooked them up on Friday night and all I can say is WOW! The system sounds better than I could ever have imagined. The setup was actually pretty easy. As with the Vandersteen 3’s upstairs the sound stage is improved, clearer mids, and no more resonance buzz. I have the DQ10’s each mounted on a saw horse (I originally did this to make them easier to work on) and I just placed a 2Wq under each one. If you were to place a sheet over the DQ10/2Wq pair, you would swear it is one speaker. I can’t even describe how good it sounds. You’ve probably been listening to these things for years but I just can’t believe it. The whole system sounds better and it extends across all types of music. Did I mention OMG? Anyway, I am very, very happy with the subs, the high pass filters (which I can’t hear at all) and the Jaguar interconnects. It occurred to me the other night that I have inadvertently married “West Coast” speakers to “East Coast” speakers. I hope I don’t cross the streams… I don’t usually do this but I wanted to let you know (you already know) what a great crew you have: To Mary: Thanks for showing me the Rega Apollo and riding herd on everything. Unfortunately, John then proceeded to spoil me with the Rega Saturn upstairs. I am currently throwing rocks at my CD player. To the guy with Carlos: Thanks for the coffee, it was fine. And yes those subs are AWESOME! To Carlos: Would you believe I now have 5 spare spikes? They were in a speaker cable bag. If you had anything to do with finding the M5 filters, thank you much. To Nick: Thanks for the advice on setting up the M5’s and rooting up the Jaguars. I put the covers back on the filters on Saturday. I actually ended up using the published input impedance value, gain=~90db, q=0.5 John, thanks again. Gotta go.” Best Regards,


Greetings, I am writing to inform you of a wonderful business in Verona, NJ The business is called Audio Connections on Bloomfield Ave in Verona,and it’s owner is John Rutan. Mr Rutan is truly one of the most pleasant, knowledgeable individuals in the field of high end audio. This is a highly specialized field, as you may well imagine, and John Rutan is truly concerned with his customer’s satisfaction before anything else. When I had a problem with a particular piece of equipment, Mr Rutan met me at his store on Sunday, when he is closed, to help analyze the situation. He is a gentleman, a true professional and I shall continue coming to his store from Long Island, NY to purchase equipment. He is a great business man-and more important a nice guy. Sincerely,

Sheldon Simon

Dear Sirs, I just wanted to let you know the Magnepan 1.6s I ordered by phone from you arrived safely a few days ago and I now have them set up in my living room. They are absolutely wonderful speakers. I listen almost exclusively to analog sources, having a VPI Scout turntable with a Dynavector 20XL cartridge. My electronics are NAD, a C-162 preamp and a C-272 power amp. All of this plays nicely with the 1.6s. I’ve wanted these speakers for nearly 10 years, having had two sets of smaller Maggie’s in the past. They are definitely worth the wait. Again, my thanks.

Henry A. Hunt

For John… a complement, of course! You may quote me. I’ve known John for ten years. I’m one of those folks who has spent thousands of dollars on hi-fi equipment on the Net with perfectly pleasing results. Nevertheless, a number of times, too, I’ve just as happily bought “brand new” gear from John for reasons I’d like to share with others contemplating doing business with him. John knows what he is talking about. He probably knows more than you do about “hi-fi” and he certainly knows more than you do about the particular piece you may be looking at. As important as the poop on any specific component is how it will (or will not) integrate into your existing system. Always the most trying aspect of deciding if a new unit, no matter how “good” it may be, will complement/improve the sound of what you’ve got. John understands this absolutely. In the end, what you get with John is the best possible information/advice/direction that you really can trust. From personal experience I know that John is about selling you what will sound best in your home rather than what he can sell you. In the end, that kind of guidance will give you the most listening pleasure, save you lots of needless auditioning/experimenting time and…and…he will ultimately save you money.

Jon Farbman