Musical Surroundings Anniversary Promotions

Musical Surroundings Anniversary Promotions

Special promotional pricing for Musical Surroundings brands Clearaudio, DS Audio and Hana!

Clearaudio 33.3% off Clearaudio cartridge trade up (cartridge trade-in required)

Clearaudio cartridges & phono stages 20% discount

Hana cartridges 20% discount

Hana 33.3% off Hana cartridge trade up (cartridge trade-in required)

Clearaudio 45th Anniversary Promotion

- Turntable package purchases receive a FREE cartridge matched to their performance and retail price.

- Trade up & pay the difference in retail value of an cartridge MS distributes.

- Save 20% on turntable accessories at time of turntable package purchase.

MS 33 Promotion: DS Audio E1 System

Now $2000 for both E1 cartridge and matching E1 phono stage

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