Unleash your power.

Unleash your power.

The all new PowerQuest 303, 505, and 707 power conditioners filter your power to reduce noise linearly, leaving you with safe and plentiful AC power for your audio components.

All three of the new rack-mountable PowerQuest models — the PQ-303, PQ-505, and PQ-707 — take AudioQuest's comprehensive approach to AC power conditioning, addressing noise linearly to provide class-leading, wide-bandwidth noise reduction (better than -22dB).

All models feature Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection and Extreme-Voltage Automatic Shutdown at 140VAC.

All North American models provide 12 total AC outlets: 4 High-Current outlets for variable-current amplification components (power amps, powered speakers, A/V receivers, subwoofers, etc.) and 8 Linear-Filtered outlets for constant-current source components (TVs, media-streaming devices, disc players, turntables, preamplifiers, cable boxes, etc.).



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