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Last Heritage Record Cleaner & Preservative Kit

Last Heritage Record Cleaner & Preservative Kit

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Once again you can buy the LAST Record Preservative & All-Purpose Record Cleaner Kit in the original 1983 leatherette/cardboard case for some Heritage LAST. Vintage is back, not just for vinyl records, but for your record care too!

Completely Prevent Record Wear

LAST Industry-acclaimed Record Preservative prevents the development of annoying surface noise and maintains “as new” condition for 200 plays or more. It diffuses into the surface molecular layers of the vinyl  to resist the damaging effects of stylus pressure waves while following the groove.

The 30-second treatment affects the vinyl to a depth of about ten molecular layers and becomes part of the groove wall. There are no surface residues for the stylus to pick up. In fact, overuse is harmless. We recommend a deep clean of records such as with LAST Power Cleaner before applying LAST Record Preservative.

No other company makes a comparable product. If you play it, protect it with LAST Record Preservative.

LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner is the most advanced everyday record cleaning solution available. Its safe formula removes dust, dirt, and oil without harming the plasticizers in vinyl and is also completely safe for shellac and styrene. The formula evaporates with no residue so you can use this on every play of every record to cure noisy accumulations.

Application is easy, and only takes 3 drops per record side. LAST All Purpose Record Cleaner comes with two applicators. The applicators have a fine, short nap that reaches into record grooves to efficiently keep your records pristine and create a path of nothing but music for your stylus. As the applicator accumulates dust, it is easy to brush or rinse out for reuse.

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