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Aesthetix Metis

Aesthetix Metis

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Aesthetix Metis

Aesthetix is proud to introduce the Metis linestage featuring the innovative new Aesthetix Coupling Modules, an "Invisible" Separate Power Supply, and a stunning new chassis design.

The Metis linestage utilizes highly proprietary Aesthetix Coupling Modules (ACMs) in place of traditional coupling capacitors. "I have been dreaming of this design for 20 years," says Aesthetix founder and engineer Jim White. It is well known that capacitor quality is directly correlated with sound quality, and Aesthetix has a history of investing heavily in pushing the boundaries of capacitors. But Jim wondered, "Could even better sound quality be realized if capacitors were eliminated entirely?" The answer is yes, according to Metis, which uses an ACM in each channel between the gain and output stages and no interstage or output coupling capacitors. ACMs produce constant output impedance across all audio frequencies, while a standard capacitor’s output impedance rises as frequencies drop often yielding tubby bass and other sonic degradation. In contrast, the ACMs in Metis result in a sound stage with incredible added depth, dimension and resolution.

The Metis chassis is designed around a suspended inner core that, when set on a flat surface, physically decouples from the main chassis. The power supply is housed in this inner core creating an "invisible" separate power supply chassis. When sitting on a rack, there is no physical connection between the power supply assembly and the main chassis, save for the connecting wires. This innovative design means Metis enjoys the sonic benefits of a separate power supply without the disadvantages of an additional chassis including extra cost, space and heat.

The Metis user interface was developed with both elegance and flexibility in mind. The glowing panel of LEDs not only looks stellar, but the logic board controlling it offers access to a virtually limitless array of features and functions, like home theater bypass and absolute phase selection. The Metis also features Remote Control, 12 volt trigger and RS 232 interface.

With its radical innovations, Metis also personifies Aesthetix’ fundamental design principles. The linestage uses 4 tubes, 2 per channel for all amplification in a true dual mono configuration, is fully balanced, uses zero feedback and has our discrete switched resister volume control. All inputs can be used single ended or balanced, and single ended inputs are internally balanced. The Metis chassis has extra large footpads housing massive HRS Nimbus Couplers for harmonic dampening.

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