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Audible Illusions

Audible Illusions Modulus 3B Preamplifier

Audible Illusions Modulus 3B Preamplifier

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Audible Illusions Modulus 3B

Following the success and critical acclaim of our highly regarded, multiple-award-winning Modulus 3A preamplifier, Audible Illusions is proud to announce the Modulus 3B. The successor to the M3A (recently heralded as one of the 12 most significant preamp designs of all time-The Absolute Sound issue 223) the M3B continues to deliver on our promise to offer reference-caliber sound quality at an affordable price.

Thirty years after the introduction of the first Modulus, the M3B again sets benchmarks as a breakthrough component creating new standards for affordable sonic performance and reliability. The Modulus 3B builds on the M3A's legacy of sonic excellence, quality, and reliability. With more than 20,000 Modulus preamps manufactured to date, and over 150 rave product reviews from audio critics around the world, the Modulus design has proven truly timeless. To date, it is the finest full-function preamplifier we have and continues to be the benchmark by which many others are measured.

To list all the innovations brought forth by our designs would be difficult, but noteworthy among these are the elimination of cathode followers, buffers, and negative feedback. The Modulus was the first preamplifier to parallel tube output stages and to incorporate high performance Teflon capacitors into the circuit. The sonic benefits of these designs are evident and have made our company a pioneer in modern-day tube technology.

Adhering to our circuit design philosophy that "Simple is Better" and based on the proven superiority of single-ended, triode-tube designs the Modulus continues to set standards for music reproduction. The M3B remains one of the few full-function preamplifiers designed to delight vinyl and digital enthusiasts alike. Our goal was to retain the sonic signature of previous designs while improving on the fundamentals that put simply, let the music flow. The result is a preamplifier with capable of reproducing music with the dynamics, scale and timbre or the original recorded event.

When compared to the previous generation M3A, the M3B adds a host of features and refinements. The circuit board has been redesigned to further simplify the signal path, improve switching, and reduce vibration. This latest design utilizes relay switching ensuring the signal bypasses switches resulting in better clarity and definition.

All inter-stage coupling capacitors have been upgraded ensuring all capacitors in the signal path are now Foil and Teflon. Attenuators now feature a revised taper to ensure more precise matching with a broad range of components. The latest circuit board features full OFC traces, a Teflon solder mask, film resistors, and enhanced gold-pin ceramic tube holders. To supply power to this new design we have added more powerful inboard and outboard power supplies.

The resulting sonic improvements are nothing short of breathtaking. We have again lowered M3B’s noise floor, improved musical resolution, transparency and tonal accuracy. Harmonic integrity is maintained while adding tighter low frequency extension and weight. The soundstage of the M3B can only be described as 'three-dimensional' and 'cavernous'.

Too often, designs compromise neutrality and musicality to enhance some portion of the audio spectrum. Our philosophy is different. Be true to the signal and the music will follow. That philosophy has served us well for 30 years, and on that we will NEVER compromise.


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