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Audio Intelligent

Audio Intelligent Enzymatic Stylus Cleaning Formula

Audio Intelligent Enzymatic Stylus Cleaning Formula

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What kind of contaminants and debris end up on your stylus?  Quite simply, it’s the same ones that are on your records.  Whether airborne or picked up from the surface of the record, there are benefits to cleaning this debris from your stylus with an enzymatic cleaning formula, just like you do with your records.

Early in 2020 Audio Intelligent began development of an enzymatic stylus cleaning formula that will effectively remove protein-based and other debris from the stylus without causing any harm to the stylus or cantilever, and without leaving any sort of film behind.

And most importantly, the AIVS Enzymatic Stylus Cleaner Formula contains no alcohol or any other ingredient that will weaken the stylus-to-cantilever adhesive bond.  This very important point was one of our primary goals in the development of this product.

Enzymatic Stylus Cleaning Formula is supplied in a generous two ounce dropper bottle with a stylus brush with densely packed non-varnished carbon fiber bristles.  This is enough cleaning fluid for up to 1000 cleanings.  The simple cleaning procedure entails dispensing one drop of the fluid on the brush and carefully brushing back to front with the tips of the bristles against the stylus.  For fibers wrapped around the stylus, a slight downward motion from back to front is usually effective.

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