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Auralic Leo GX.1

Auralic Leo GX.1

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Auralic Leo GX.1

LEO GX.1, Auralic's reference master clock, continues to provide trademark levels of performance in digital audio clocking. Offering “beyond-measurement” levels of precision, results detected while listening: a much wider sound stage, pinpoint instrumental accuracy, and dynamic range beyond expectation. By circumventing the DAC’s internal clock, shielding the unit from noise with an internal copper enclosure, and utilizing a new advanced multi-spring suspension system available on all G2.1 products, LEO will dramatically enhance your listening experience.

Thanks to its unique Jitter-Free Operation, when the VEGA G2.1 joins forces with the LEO GX.1 these devices accomplish something truly extraordinary. Instead of merely synchronizing with the LEO, the VEGA G2.1 actually uses the exceptionally high frequency incoming clock from the LEO directly — as its own working signal. In other words the LEO bypasses the internal VEGA G2.1 clock circuit entirely, and drives waveform creation directly with its signal. No more PLL, and no more limitations.

The LEO GX.1 clock is so precise that existing benchmarks aren’t detailed enough to accurately represent what it can do. Instead, we use Allan deviation to describe the resolution of the LEO GX.1, which is like looking at phase noise closely enough to detect shifts of +/-1Hz or even +/-0.1Hz. The Allan deviation of the LEO Reference Master Clock comes in at 2E-12 (at 1 second), which is equal to a 10MHz rubidium atomic clock with phase noise of +/-1Hz at -110dBc/Hz, or an amazing 500 times less jitter than an 82fs Femto clock oscillator.

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