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Auralic Vega G2.2

Auralic Vega G2.2

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The VEGA G2.2, built upon Auralic's impressive DAC lineage, houses their Fusion DAC design, Direct Data Recording (DDR), and Galvanic Isolation technologies. It also features a fully analog preamplifier section with a proper analog ladder resistor volume control, delivering an exceptional noise-free signal to the Class A ORFEO output modules. Its groundbreaking Fusion DAC operates independently of the source clock signal. Our DDR technology records audio data into the Tesla G3 platform's memory, which is re-clocked using Auralic's 60-femtosecond technology for jitter-free performance. Combining the proprietary digital filtering and oversampling technology with a precise switching network for the final digital-to-analog conversion stage, the VEGA G2.2 delivers superior sound quality. These cutting-edge technologies culminate into a transformative DAC, setting a new standard in digital audio performance.

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