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Auralic Vega S1

Auralic Vega S1

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The VEGA S1 inherits AURALiC's innovative technologies from the VEGA G2.2. At its core lies AURALiC's proprietary Fusion DAC, a groundbreaking innovation the seamlessly integrates the finest elements of discrete ladder and Delta-Sigma DAC designs. In addition to this advanced DAC technology, the VEGA S1 incorporates Direct Data Recording (DDR), Galvanic Isolation, Analog Volume Control and Analog Preamplifier features derived from the acclaimed VEGA G2.2, ensuring a listening experience characterized by unmatched detail and precision. Based on the values of choice, natural sound, and reliability, Auralic's philosophy is a fundamental part of every product we design. Sonically, Auralic engineers both their software and hardware to ensure a neutral and natural sound, allowing you to tailor your musical taste through speaker choice and room setup.

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