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Aurender N100SC

Aurender N100SC

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Aurender N100SC

If you’ve ever owned a computer audio system, you know that time spent fussing is time lost enjoying music! Consider the alternative – the Aurender N100H, N100C or N100SC. The N100SC elegantly replaces your aging computer audio system and elevates your audio system’s sound quality. For the streaming enthusiast not in need of of a hard drive, we offer the N100SC in which storage is optional. Management of your digital music library or Tidal and Qobuz lossless streaming services is simple and intuitive, thanks to our award-winning Aurender Conductor app. And all major digital file formats are supported at native bit depth and sampling rates. Housed in beautiful machined aluminum casework, any N100 version will compliment your existing system components and deliver a new level of musicality you have to hear to believe.

Streaming music in high-resolution is a dream come true for music lovers. For a modest monthly fee, a subscription to one of the quality services can be had allowing you access to millions of songs.
Recognizing this trend, Aurender created the N100SC music streamer. The N100SC is designed for connection to external DACs via its USB AUDIO 2.0 or SPDIF COAX outputs both delivering a bit-perfect, low-noise digital signal of the highest fidelity. Aurender Conductor for iPad and Android platforms provides integrated access to TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, and Internet Radio by SHOUTcast.

Once you enter the world of high-resolution streaming, you may decide you want to begin downloading hi-res files as well. That’s not a problem - the N100SC accommodates an easy to install SSD or HDD for internal content storage. N100SC will satisfy your streaming and storage needs now AND in the future, with flexibility and performance that belies its price.

Aurender's dedicated high-performance Audio 2.0 USB digital audio output or SPDIF Coax feature ultra low-noise power circuitry to deliver a pristine digital stream to the connected DAC. The N100H and N100C greatly benefit from “trickle down” technology from our far more expensive models making them both deliver audio performance that belies their cost. All this is true as well for the N100SC, except that the hard drive installation is elective. A rear panel tray can accommodate a 2.5″ HDD (up to 7mm in height) or a SATA SSD. Either drive is user installed at purchase, any time thereafter or never.

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