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Belles Aria Integrated

Belles Aria Integrated

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Belles Aria Integrated

The Belles Aria Integrated is a 75 watt X 2 solid-state integrated amplifier.

The Belles Aria Integrated Amplifier provides an analog experience and all of its virtues in one simple, physical enclosure. All the functional components necessary to create that performance: phono, line, headphone, and power stages, are in straight‐line proximity to one another. The one enclosure performing these many functions eliminate the need for an extra chassis and interconnect cables.

The Belles Aria is state of the art in its design. The unit’s phono, headphone, and preamplifier stages use Burr‐Brown amplifiers, known in pro circles for their ultra low distortion characteristics. The power amplifier is a discrete, fully complimentary design utilizing mosfet transistor output stages. The unit is capable of producing 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

The Belles Aria Integrated Amplifier is the shortest distance between you and pure audio enjoyment.

Some of the old adage that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line has application in the realm of high end audio. When the distance between the various components necessary to reproduce a clean, accurate audio performance is straight and direct, the results can be truly amazing.

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