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Belles Aria Preamplifier

Belles Aria Preamplifier

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Belles Aria Preamplifier

Belles Aria Preamplifier is a solid-state preamplifier.

The Aria Preamp delivers a pure analog experience in one understated yet elegant enclosure. All the functional components necessary to its superlative performance: phono, line and headphone stages, are in straight-line proximity to one another.

Part of a natural evolution of the Aria family, this preamplifier shares its topology with the critically acclaimed Aria Integrated Amplifier. The base chassis and preamplifier circuitry are the same. It’s the perfect companion to the new Belles Aria Monoblock Power Amplifier.

The design is truly state of the art.

Belles products are well known for their use of carefully selected, high- grade components. This applies to every stage of the signal path, as well as mechanical hardware. Phono, headphone and preamplifier stages all use Burr-Brown amplifiers which are known in pro circles for their ultra-low distortion characteristics.

The integrated moving magnet phono stage is a revelation. In fact it’s so good you won’t even consider an outboard phono preamp.

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