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Bryston BDP-3

Bryston BDP-3

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Bryston BDP-3

Serious music lovers collect their favorite tunes from a wide variety of sources. The BDP-3 can collate them all into a gigantic library at your fingertips. As a bit-perfect player, it plays music just as intended without unnecessary format conversion or upsampling. The digital output is a perfect facsimile of the original file so you hear your music in all it's original detail. Bryston regularly issues firmware updates that add new features and keep BDPs well maintained. You are not likely to find a better sounding easier to use music player than the flagship BDP-3.

Extensive technical research and development has been undertaken to ensure the highest quality playback and durability of your BDP-3. The following details describe some of these features.

  • Linear power supply for audio processing circuitry.
  • A separate power supply for microprocessors and for maintaining standby mode.
  • Five USB 2.0 (backwards compatible with USB 1.1 and 1.0 specifications) ports.
  • Three high speed USB 3.0 ports (backwards compatible).

• IR Remote control such as Bryston’s BR-2 or other universal remote controls

• RS-232 2-way control

• Interconnectivity with USB Class 2.0 digital to analog converters including those that support DSD over PCM (DoP)

• Extensive compatibility with different music file formats. See current firmware manual for details.

• User upgradeable firmware

• Remote 12 Volt On/Off trigger (IN & OUT) via 3.5mm / 2 conductor phono jacks

• Compatible with USB hard disk, and solid-state storage media as well as network attached storage.

• Optional internal SSD - factory or user installable

• Compatible with Network Attached Storage located music libraries

• Configurable as a Roon Ready endpoint.

  • Play music from attached USB drives, NAS, Tidal, Qobuz, Internet Radio, Roon Ready, and more sources
  • PCM support up to 384 kHz / 32 bit
  • DSD output up to DSD-128 (x2)
  • Digital output via USB, AES/EBU, or S/PDIF
  • Linear power supply
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB2.0 + 2 separate USB 3.0 buses
  • Control via IR, RS232 or 12V trigger, Web App works on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and more.
  • Steel chassis and metalwork. Machined and anodized aluminum dress panel.

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