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Cardas Clear Light Interconnect

Cardas Clear Light Interconnect

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Cardas Clear Light Interconnect

Clear Light is an interconnect featuring innovations found in the Clear cables, including Matched Propagation Conductors. Clear Light Interconnect was designed as a simplification of Clear Interconnect, offering many of the benefits of our flagship product, at a more affordable price point.

Clear Light Interconnect works well at any length.

The Clear line represents the latest developments and insights into audio cable design. All of the Clear cables feature Matched Propagation conductors, as described in US Patent 7,674,973.

All cables are made and hand-terminated in the US.

Technical Specifications:


.370" O.D., Cardas copper, PFA-air dielectric, 3 x 25.5 AWG Clear Light conductors, Matched Propagation, Golden section, Crossfield, litz, double shielding, Alcryn jacket.

Termination Options:

Clear Light Interconnect is terminated with Cardas GRMO RCA connectors or Neutrik XLR plugs. Cardas CG-XLR plugs are available as an upgrade.



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