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Clearaudio Artist v2 Ebony Cartridge

Clearaudio Artist v2 Ebony Cartridge

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The new Clearaudio Artist v2 Ebony phono cartridges builds upon Clearaudio’s continuous research and refinement of moving magnet phono cartridge designs. The Artist v2 Ebony cartridges feature a higher graded generator built into the new resonance-optimized Ebony wood housing. Superior channel balance, separation, and trackability provides better clarity, focus, and soundstaging. Approaching the stereo imaging of the finest moving coil cartridges, the Artist v2 Ebony lets you enjoy a wide range of recorded music.

Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Output Voltage ~3.6 mV
Channel Separation 24 dB
Channel Balance 0.8 dB
Tracking Ability 80 µm
Tracking Force 2.2 g ± .3 g
Coil Impedance 0.66 kΩ
Coil Inductance 400 mH
Load Resistance 47kΩ
Load Capacitance 100 pF
Cantilever Aluminum
Stylus Shape Elliptical
Body Ebony Wood
Weight 8.4g ± 0.4 g
Warranty 2 years
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