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Clearaudio Balance V2 Phono Stage

Clearaudio Balance V2 Phono Stage

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The Balance V2 phono stage elevates phono performance to a new level with its 2 chassis design and balanced audio operation. It is more than just a great phono stage as it can directly connected to your power amplifier and be used as a high quality headphone amplifier.

The sleek casing is crafted from precision-milled aluminum, which is available with a silver or black anodized finish to match your Clearaudio turntable. In addition to the usual RCA connections, the Balance V2 features balanced XLR inputs/outputs and a 6.3 plug headphone output. All inputs and outputs are gold-plated for superior signal transmission. 

Balanced operation gives you the most music by lowering the noise floor and allows you to run extra-long balanced cables from your Balance v2 to XLR inputs on your integrated amp, line stage, or power amplifier. Use the manual volume control for headphone listening or as a system controller. You can choose between mute and automatic mode by a front panel button. Cartridge loading is pre-set for our top MM and MC cartridges with a simple switch that allows you to choose between moving magnet and moving coil mode. 

High precision RIAA equalization achieves an accuracy of within 0.1 dB, while an optional subsonic filter attenuates any unwanted low frequency noise. A separate power supply housed in its own aluminum casing isolates the high gain audio circuitry.

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