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Clearaudio Basic V2 Phono Stage

Clearaudio Basic V2 Phono Stage

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The output level of a phono cartridge is the most delicate of musical signals but the information conveyed can be as big as a symphony orchestra or rock concert. This is true of a moving magnet cartridge and especially true with a lower output moving coil cartridge. The job of a high-quality phono stage is to boost that delicate phono signal to realistic sound levels. The Basic V2 is a very high gain phono stage and one key to its excellent sound is eliminating all the potential sources of noise, typically caused by too many switches, knobs, and controls. 

There is nothing basic about the Basic V2 phono stage. Its predecessor, the Basic Plus, was a multi-award winner and with the v2 we’ve taken all of that coveted ‘Plus’ technology up a notch. Don’t be fooled by its cool, minimalist design. Within that sleek aluminum casing (with silver or black anodized finish) lies an inner world of highly refined circuitry. 

On the outside, we’ve kept it very simple. There’s just one visible control, a single power switch on the top and on the bottom, you can switch between moving coil or moving magnet mode and engage an optional subsonic filter that attenuates any unwanted low frequency noise. Cartridge loading is pre-set for our top MM and MC cartridges and the RIAA equalization accuracy is within 0.1dB.

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