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Clearaudio Concerto v2.1 Cartridge

Clearaudio Concerto v2.1 Cartridge

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The Concerto v2.1 is the first model in the Clearaudio MC line that combines Clearaudio's twelve-finger body with their fully symmetrical moving coil phono cartridge generator design. Cartridge body resonances, while tracking in the groove, are minimized through the twelve-finger design of the mounting plate, each finger with a different radius. Satinee wood is used for the body material to further control resonance and the v2 mounting plate feature a tapped metal insert for best coupling to the headshell.

Developed in the 1970s by Peter Suchy, their unique moving coil phono cartridge generator design is symmetrical mechanically, magnetically and electrically. With the Concerto v2.1 generator, positioning their 24-karat pure gold air-core coils inside twice the number of super neodymium magnets creates more linearity and lower distortion. The new Micro-HD Diamond stylus is attached to a solid boron rod cantilever, transcribing the groove modulations to provide fast transient response, musical timing, and dynamics.

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