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Clearaudio Jubilee Panzerholz MM Cartridge

Clearaudio Jubilee Panzerholz MM Cartridge

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 The new Clearaudio Jubilee MM phono cartridge is easy to like. Sonically, the warmth, fullness, and clarity of the Jubilee MM makes it the right choice for audiophiles who enjoy a wide range of musical styles and recordings.  It shares the same Panzerholz body material as the $6,000 Jubilee MC cartridge, both introduced to celebrate Clearaudio’s 40th Anniversary. 

These are the only 2 Clearaudio cartridges that use Panzerholz or “bullet-proof wood”, a high-tech laminate constructed of multiple layers of baltic birch wood compressed with advanced adhesives under 60 tons of pressure.  This special body material, used in Clearaudio’s best turntables, lowers the noise floor for better dynamic contrasts, low end definition, and rich tonality. 

The Jubillee MM, as with all Clearaudio moving magnet cartridges, uses a grading system for optimizing parts quality and matching. This provides superior trackability as well as better channel separation and balance for enhanced imaging. Its high output and 47k Ω loading makes it ideal for all phono stages.  

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