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Clearaudio Satisfy Black Tonearm

Clearaudio Satisfy Black Tonearm

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Clearaudio Satisfy Black Tonearm

The Satisfy Black tonearm, fitted to the Concept and Concept Wood turntables, elevates the sonic performance to allow the use of high performance MM and MC cartridges including our Maestro, Charisma, Essence and Talismann.

The Satisfy Black tonearm features high-quality, handmade Swiss vertical and lateral bearings composed of tungsten steel and polished sapphire. The low mass, rigid aluminum arm tube uses a two-piece aluminum headshell with adjustable azimuth for accurate alignment of the phono cartridge and easy in-field replacement. Anti-skating control is applied by an innovative magnetic system that acts on the side of the bearing housing. Clearaudio’s hardwired Direct Wire tonearm cable assures signal integrity, ideal for all high-quality MM and MC cartridges.

A precise, magnetic antiskating adjustment with a gentle sensitiveness, without mechanic disturbance - for pure music.

Become a witness of revolutionary direct wiring, where the signal travels uninterrupted from the cartridge to the Phono-preamplifier.

Only a few amongst the best offer this feature – it's one of a kind.

Tonearm weight 350 grams including counterweight
Zero points Inner: 66 mm, Outer: 120.9 mm
Audio lead Clearaudio Direct Wire
Overhang 17.31 mm
Overall tonearm length 302 mm
Effective tonearm length 239.3 mm
Effective Mass 8 grams
Pivot to stylus 222 mm
Anti-skating Factor at a Radius of 62.9 mm and 126.9 mm .43
Mounting style Linn / Clearaudio
Warranty 2 years
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