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Clearaudio TT-5 Tonearm

Clearaudio TT-5 Tonearm

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Clearaudio TT-5 Tonearm

Clearaudio is the leader in tangential tonearm technology since the 1980s. The TT-5 linear tracking tonearm with Swing Base features a fixed, rigid construction similar to the Statement linear tonearm. Like all Clearaudio straight-line tracking tonearms, it moves tangentially with the record groove pulling the cartridge and armwand along a linear path. The TT-5 Swing Base allows the entire arm to be swung out of the way when changing records, without compromising rigidity or performance.

In a conventional pivoted tonearm, the arm is moved in an arc across the record’s surface by the stylus following the record groove, requiring an averaging system to minimize tracking error. In Clearaudio’s linear tonearms, the arm moves tangentially, with the stylus propelling the tonearm wand along a linear path by a carriage running on precision rollers inside a polished glass tube. The cartridge remains parrallel to the record groove, following the same path the cutting head did when making the record, eliminating any lateral tracking error. Since the record groove, stylus, cantilever and tonearm are perfectly aligned, no side forces are generated and no anti-skating compensation is required.

Tracking force and azimuth are adjustable so that the cartridge and stylus are always in the perfect position to read the musical information in the record groove. With the TT-5, Clearaudio offers vinyl fans a more affordable entry point into tangential tonearm technology.


Construction details Tangential tracking, resonance optimized chassis
Drive Purely mechanical - High-precision, extremely smooth-running and dry-running ball bearing - Polished glass tube
Effective Mass 8.55 grams
Total weight Approx. 560 gram (without aluminum arm base) - Aluminum arm base: 60 gram
Output RCA jacks
Dimensions Approx. 200 x 140 x 150
Warranty 5 years
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