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Last Power Cleaner & Record Preservative Set

Last Power Cleaner & Record Preservative Set

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LAST Power Cleaner is specifically designed to remove record pressing residues and contaminants left by the manufacturing process. These sticky residues are tightly bound to the groove wall and hold contamination that cannot be removed by regular record cleaners.

LAST Power Cleaner can also remove stubborn contamination on old dirty records to reveal the brand-new sound you thought was lost from your vintage find. Power Cleaner is formulated for manual application so it leaves no residue and requires only 3 dropsper side. LAST Power Cleaner comes with two of our fine-nap applicators to reach well into the record grooves for a thorough clean.

LAST Industry-acclaimed Record Preservative prevents the development of annoying surface noise and maintains “as new” condition for 200 plays or more. It diffuses into the surface molecular layers of the vinyl  to resist the damaging effects of stylus pressure waves while following the groove.

The 30-second treatment affects the vinyl to a depth of about ten molecular layers and becomes part of the groove wall. There are no surface residues for the stylus to pick up. In fact, overuse is harmless. We recommend a deep clean of records such as with LAST Power Cleaner before applying LAST Record Preservative.

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