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The NAD Masters M23 HybridDigital Stereo Power Amplifier features EigentaktTM amplifier technology, a once-in-a-decade innovation that virtually eliminates harmonic and intermodulation distortion; and delivers wide, flat frequency response regardless of the loudspeaker load. The result is transparent, detailed sound with pinpoint stereo imaging, at all listening levels and with all types of program material – even during complex musical passages. Conservatively rated at 2x200W continuous into 8 ohms and 2x380W into 4 ohms, the M23 can deliver live performance levels through any loudspeaker.

Continuing NAD’s long tradition of identifying and developing cutting-edge amplification technology, the M23 Stereo Power Amplifier employs EigentaktTM class-D amplifier modules manufactured by NAD under license from Purifi. Harmonic and IM distortion are almost immeasurable at all frequencies and output levels. Noise is inaudible, for a black background and outstanding micro-detail. Output impedance is extremely low, which translates to iron-clad control of any loudspeaker load.

Amazingly powerful and transparent, the M23 can deliver 2x260W of dynamic power into 8 ohms and 2x520W into 4 ohms.

The ideal amplifier will combine vanishingly low distortion, ultra-high damping factor, and

rock-solid stability with any loudspeaker. There are many amplifiers that perform well in one or two of these areas but fall short in others. Purifi’s ground-breaking EigentaktTM technology and NAD’s proven switch-mode power supplies enable the M23 to excel in all these areas – with- out the excess weight and cost of the old-fashioned linear power supplies and class-AB output stages used with traditional amplifiers. In all these areas, EigentaktTM outperforms previous class-D implementations by a significant margin.

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