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ProAc Centre Voice

ProAc Centre Voice

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ProAc Centre Voice

The Centre Voice uses two brand new bass driver similar to those used in the Tablette 10. It also has a wide bandwidth and good power handling for home cinema use and matches other ProAc speakers in a home cinema system.

The ProAc Centre Voice speaker has been specifically designed for natural speech and sound quality, to give the realism of a centre channel in a home cinema system.

The new Centre Voice is just as good on music as it is on voice and music DVD’s can be reproduced with stunning accuracy, with good bass weight for a small enclosure. The new crossover with different slopes has been adopted by the crossover network and these new bass drivers crossover seamlessly with the ProAc 1” silk dome tweeter, which is used in many other ProAc products making it a perfect match when used in a system with other ProAc models.

Being crystal clear on voice as well as rich and detailed on music, it delivers excitement and dynamic range. We urge you to compare with other center channel speakers. We are sure you will find the ProAc crystal clear on voice and rich, sweet and detailed on music.

The new ProAc Centre Voice speaker has been designed to give a natural speech and sound quality to give the realism of a Centre Channel in a home cinema system.

Simply, it is the perfect addition to any home cinema.

Available in the following real wood veneers:
Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Oak
and Silk White.
Rosewood and Ebony can be ordered at extra cost.

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