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Quicksilver Integrated Amplifier

Quicksilver Integrated Amplifier

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Quicksilver Integrated Amplifier

The new Quicksilver tube Integrated amplifier brings the quality of separates to the realm of integrated amplifiers. If your space or system complexity is limited you no longer need to compromise system performance. 100% made in America with the best parts available.The 6BQ5 (EL 84) based output stage is so immediate and spacious you will swear you are at the actual music venue.

The new Quicksilver Integrated uses 6BQ5 power tubes. The amp is shipped with JJ 6BQ5s but there are many brands of 6BQ5s available. Any of the tubes may be replaced at any time and no adjustments are needed. A speaker with a minimum impedance as low as 2 ohms may be used.

This unit was designed to be simple and reliable and to give wonderful sound quality at a reasonable price.


Power Output 20 watts into any load from 2 to 8 ohms
1 Watt Bandwidth 1.5 Hz to 60 KHz
Power Bandwidth 15 Hz to 30 KHz
Peak Power 40 watts per channel
Damping Factor 10 with 8 ohm load
Input Impedance 50 Kohms
Tube Complement Eight 6BQ5 , Two 12DW7
Chassis Carbide Black
Dimensions 6″H, 11″D, 15″W
Weight 33 lbs.
U.S. Warranty 3 years parts and labor & 90 days for tubes
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