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Rotel A11 MkII

Rotel A11 MkII

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The A11MKII Integrated Amplifier offers an ideal combination of power and connectivity for the music lover seeking to elevate their listening experience.

Constructed around a linear power supply featuring a massive Rotel-built toroidal power transformer, the A11MKII delivers an authoritative 50 Watts per channel of Class A/B power into 8 ohms, and even higher power into demanding loudspeakers.

Exclusive Rotel power supply innovations and critical circuit layout provide physical and electrical separation to lower the noise floor and increase musical dynamics. The A11MKII’s multi-tap transformer delivers power to sensitive low-voltage circuits and the high current amplifier output stage independently, isolating the signal path from noise and reducing unwanted distortion. This sound-first design supports fast transients and delivers an expressive, open musical performance.

Both analog and digital sources are welcome, with three line-level RCA inputs, coaxial and optical digital inputs, a Moving Magnet Phono stage, and aptXTM HD Bluetooth. An 1/8” headphone jack with dedicated headphone amplifier circuit is provided on the front panel for private listening sessions.

The intuitive front panel layout includes Bass, Treble, and Balance rotary controls and source input selection ensuring the A11MKII is personal and a pleasure to operate up close. The included IR remote drives a motorized analog volume controller for ease of use at the listening position.

User friendly features such as a detachable IEC power cord, two 12V trigger outputs, heavy 5-way speaker binding posts, and signal sensing auto power on/off functions ensure compatibility with any installation.

The A11MKII is available in both black and silver colors.

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