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Rotel A12 MkII

Rotel A12 MkII

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The A12MKII Integrated Amplifier measures only a slim 80 mm (3 inches) tall but stands well above its sleek design profile in performance and feature set for all music lovers.

The heart of the A12MKII begins with Rotel’s in-house manufactured oversized toroidal transformer feeding high efficiency storage and smoothing capacitors for deep, controlled bass energy. The power supply features multiple voltage and current regulators delivering independent power to critical analog, digital and amplification stage circuits isolating sensitive low voltage signals from high power speaker outputs lowering the noise floor and reducing unwanted distortion. Circuit design follows Rotel’s proprietary Balanced Design Concept with physical and electrical isolation techniques delivering exceptionally clean audio.

The A12MKII is replete with inputs supporting your favorite sources including a Moving Magnet Phono Stage for vinyl fans, 4 RCA analog, 4 digital, PC-USB and high quality aptXTM Bluetooth for wireless streaming.

A premium 32-bit Texas Instruments Digital to Analog converter extracts genuine and accurate details of the music with custom output filters and preamplifier circuits preserving the integrity of the audio stream.

The Class AB amplifier delivers 60 Watts of dynamic power into 8 ohms utilizing high current, fast transient output devices for improved accuracy of the music timing and a more lifelike reproduction of audio into dual A-B speaker binding posts.

The IR remote, front panel controls, and graphic display ensure effortless operation. RS232, 12V triggers and remote input ensure seamless integration with control systems.

Slim and powerful the A12MKII delivers on Rotel’s iconic brand heritage.

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