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Vandersteen 3A Signature

Vandersteen 3A Signature

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Vandersteen 3A Signature Speakers

*Required 3A Signature Sound Anchor stands are included*

The Vandersteen Audio Model 3A Signature is a floor standing dynamic loudspeaker developed and refined by almost twenty years of advanced research into loudspeaker design. Engineering, construction, and materials far exceeding industry standards have resulted in a reference quality level of performance unmatched even by larger and more costly designs.

The Model 3A is a worthy addition to any high quality music or audio/video system. The innovative first order crossover supports either bi-wire or vertical bi-amp connection. Superb dynamic and transient response guarantees superior performance from records, CDs, video tapes and laser discs. Custom engineered drivers, built exclusively for Vandersteen Audio, are aligned in a boxless design to maximize each driver's accuracy and musicality. An aesthetically pleasing appearance, incorporating an acoustically transparent grille and an audibly vented top, allows the Model 3A to compliment the decor of your home.

The components used in the Model 3A Signature combine classic durability and strength with innovative design and construction. The metal-alloy dome tweeter is a dual-chamber design to improve range and linearity. It is critically damped to extend the high frequencies past audibility without the excessive ringing associated with open or underdamped metal dome tweeters. The specific alloy used for the dome was chosen for its superior strength and resistance to break-up.

Each Vandersteen Audio Model 3A Signature undergoes rigorous testing and retesting during each phase of construction. Each driver and crossover is tested for proper operation and computer matched to within 0.1dB. After final assembly, each pair is high-power sweep tested for structural integrity and FFT computer analyzed for correct response and performance compared to a model reference. This intense commitment to product quality and reliability is unsurpassed in the audio industry.

This dimensional purity is the essence of the Model 3A Signature. It allows them to recreate the music's original scope and passion. You hear deeper into the music and better understand the feelings forming its foundation. You become more involved in the music as its complex inner structure is revealed with increased clarity and realism.

The Vandersteen Audio Model 3A is designed and built in the United States of America.

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