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Vandersteen M5-HPA

Vandersteen M5-HPA

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Vandersteen M5-HPA Amplifier

The dramatic reduction in distortion realized by Vandersteen’s patented Perfect-Piston™ drivers (US patent #8320604) made it clear to Richard Vandersteen that the next speaker performance frontier would only be achieved by designing a radical new state-of-the-art amplifier from the ground up. The resulting flagship M7-HPA inspired a more compact, practical solution: the M5-High Pass Amplifier (M5-HPA). This high-pass amplifier is excellent with Quatros, SUB THREEs (combined with any brand loudspeaker), and KĒNTO Carbons.

For years, Vandersteen has employed amplifiers custom-tailored to each design in Vandersteen’s subwoofers and the equalized bass sections in its powered-bass loudspeakers in conjunction with passive high-pass filters for ultimate performance. When employing the HPA Interface cables combined with a powered-bass Vandersteen speaker, the M5-HPA mono-block creates an entirely powered loudspeaker system in which the amplification over the entire frequency range is driven by perfectly tailored amplification.

Richard Vandersteen is responsible for the M5-HPA’s overall design and architecture; the amplifier was developed and built in a partnership between Vandersteen Audio and Dean Klinefelter, a talented designer and engineer.

  • 300-Watts Into 4 Ohms
  • Zero-Feedback Design With Dual Single-Ended Circuits Connected By The Speaker Load
  • All Signal Transistors NPN Bipolars
  • Minimal Circuit Path (only 5 parts in the signal path)
  • 10 Separate Power Supplies
  • All Analog Circuit Logic – NO DIGITAL PROCESSING OF ANY KIND
  • Integral 200 Hz, 100Hz, 80 Hz, 40 Hz, and 20 Hz adjustable High-Pass Filter
  • Aluminum Chassis with Noise Isolation Feet from HRS
  • No Emitter Resistors in the Output Stage
  • Buffer for Output is the Supplied Interface Cable
  • DBS - Dielectric-Bias-System
  • Made in the USA
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