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Vandersteen Model 1Ci+

Vandersteen Model 1Ci+

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Vandersteen Model 1Ci+ Speakers

*Required Model 1Ci+ speaker bases are included*

No speaker better introduces the growing younger aficionados to the Vandersteen mandates than the iconic Model 1. The new Model 1Ci+ does away with the unused attenuation for treble and features a modern crossover design to enhance the sound from top to bottom. The results are improved clarity and better midrange-timbre accuracy.

This is the 4th version of this iconic speaker and is still available under $2K with stands included. Vandersteen is often asked how they pack so much sonic value into the Model 1Ci+. The answer is looking at every detail and making sure it adds value to the ultimate sound. Unlike the original design, the Model 1 is referenced to the Vandersteen family sound, including the Model Seven XTRM, and although not as revealing, it still stands as a proud part of the Vandersteen family of products.

In constant production since 1983 the Model 1 series always represents incredible value and is a great speaker to start your audio journey. From the very first Model 1 a striking number are still listened to and cherished every day by real-world music lovers who still believe its performance-driven value proposition is as good as it gets for them. Timeless classics like the Model 1 have staying power because the designer stayed true to a vision. The Model 1Ci+ gives a sample of the Model 2's sonic excellence at about half the price in a smaller, easy-to-drive package.

Vandersteen does not rely on listening alone to make claims of sonic excellence. Vandersteen Audio is the first loudspeaker manufacturer to use the Gen-Rad 2512 Fast Fourier Transform Computer Analyzer in research and development and remains a leader for interfacing complex loudspeaker parameters and performance computer analysis with practical design and engineering. The Model 1Ci+ continues Vandesteen’s quest to couple proven technology with advanced materials, construction, and design for a speaker system that is always true to both science and music at a value price point.

The Vandersteen Model 1Ci+ is designed and built in the United States of America.

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