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Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer

Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer

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Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer

The Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer is optimized for multi-channel systems that cannot accept an external crossover between the preamp/processor and the power amplifier. The processor's subwoofer output is connected directly to the subwoofer's line level output.

The Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer incorporates a unique crossover that interfaces with the electrical characteristics of the processor and the acoustical characteristics of the main speakers to realize an effective 24dB per octave positive-phase crossover. To insure compatibility with any main speakers, the V2W has an inverted as well as a normal phase input. The phase of each input is adjustable over a + or - 90 degree range for true 360 degree phase capability to fine tune the transition from the main speakers to the subwoofer.

Since a single subwoofer will often be called upon to provide the low frequency power and impact for an entire home theater system, the V2W adds a front-firing 12-inch passive radiator to the 2W series' standard trio of 8-inch woofers. The additional output capability assures adequate headroom in any situation while the accompanying increase in inherent system Q puts it at the optimum value for high-quality home theater. The Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer's sensitivity control allows its level to be set independently so the subwoofer output level on a digital processor can be left near the top of its range where the processor will maintain maximum bit resolution and signal to noise ratio.

In a beyond outlandish home theater system, a V2W can be used for the LFE channel while a quartet or more of 2Wqs effortlessly handle the low frequencies for the main and surround channels. this will provide the ultimate bass experience as the special effects shake not only the foundation, but the very earth below it.

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