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Vandersteen VCC-1 Center

Vandersteen VCC-1 Center

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Vandersteen VCC-1 Center

The VCC-1's coaxial driver is a combination of a 6½ inch woofer and a 1 inch dome tweeter that share the same acoustical center and radiate as a single point source. The aligned driver is immune from multi-driver interference and the resulting response variations and phase irregularities that plague conventional center speakers. The VCC-1 maintains consistent sonic performance over an expansive listening area without hot spots, drop outs or timbre aberrations.

The VCC-1's phase integrity complements Vandersteenand other phase-correct front speakers. The VCC-1's aligned woofer and tweeter are both connected in positive polarity through a first-order, transient-perfect crossover to maintain the original phase and time characteristics of voices, music, special effects and other film sounds.

When the VCC-1 is used with phase-correct main and surround speakers, it will contribute to the significant sonic and spatial benefits of a phase coherent home theater system. But regardless of the phase characteristics of the other speakers, the VCC-1's many advanced design features will yield superior consistency and enhanced system performance.

Two levels of response compensation are incorporated into the VCC-1 to improve its integration with the main speakers and help counter the sonic effects of nearby walls or other surfaces. The primary compensation attenuates the bass response to enhance blending with the main speakers through the range where their response fully overlaps with the center channel. The secondary compensation, which is activated by a switch on the VCC-1's rear panel, provides additional compensation for situations where the center speaker is mounted in a wall unit or situated near a wall or other broad surface.

The VCC-1's aligned, coaxial driver uses a rigid, acoustically inert cast-metal basket to improve cone movement accuracy and resist sympathetic resonances. The 6 1/2 inch woofer's filled polycone insures high internal stiffness while the 1 inch alloy dome tweeter is ferrofluid cooled to increase power handling and critically damped for smooth response. The driver is magnetically shielded so that it will not affect the picture on your television set. The transient-perfect, first-order crossover's computer-grade components, including high-quality film capacitors in the signal path, are hand soldered on a double-sided, plated-through PC board for superior consistency and reliability.

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