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Vandersteen VSM-1 Speaker

Vandersteen VSM-1 Speaker

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Vandersteen VSM-1 Speaker

The Vandersteen VSM-1 is an advanced surface-mount loudspeaker optimized for the unique requirements of the rear channel positions in a multi-channel audio/video system. It was developed and refined by twenty years of intensive research into loudspeaker design and multiple speaker integration. Its innovative engineering, superior components and quality construction provide true high fidelity performance.

With stereo, imaging became part of home music reproduction. Modern multi-channel systems can add the third dimension and create an expansive, realistic soundfield. Most homes however, do not have the room to place the rear speakers where their drivers can fully converge and properly align at the listening positions. Without this critical alignment, the rear speakers will not match the time, phase or amplitude of the front speakers.(i.e. timbre and voicing).

The VSM-1 is the optimal rear-channel speaker for these situations. Its coaxial woofer and tweeter share the same acoustical center so they are always perfectly aligned and converge within inches. When wall mounted in a typical living room, VSM-1s provide a superb timbre and voice match to Vandersteen’s center channel and floorstanding speakers. They maintain this essential match regardless of their placement or proximity to the listeners. Their immunity to multi driver interference insures consistent performance through the listening environment.

The VSM-1’s innovative crossover circuitry insures that it can safely handle the high-power, low-frequency information that modern uncompressed/lossless surround soundtracks send to the rear speakers. Its front-firing, single driver configuration provides a high dynamic range without the multi-driver interference and distortions of bipolar designs. With its combination of convenience and performance, the VSM-1 can also be used as a high quality remote speaker in multi room installations.The enclosure is constructed entirely of MDF, a pressure-formed material that effectively resists vibration and controls cabinet resonances.

The unique mounting system uses the speaker's own mass to hold it tight against the wall for proper coupling and stability.

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